November 7, 2017

LIFT YOUR LEAD in 200 words*


One Question Will Change Your Leadership
Richard Leslie Parrott, Ph.D.



The one question that will change your leadership: How can we help one another succeed?  At the core, all professional conversations seek to answer this question. These conversations are especially important during times of planning, crisis, conflict, challenge, and new opportunity.  In short, professional conversations build productive working relationships.

Professional conversations are the building blocks of professional relationships.  As a leader, take the initiative.  Start the conversation by asking each team member, “How can I help you succeed?”  This type of conversation is the most needed and most lacking open discussion in the workplace.

If you have not had a “how can I help you succeed” conversation with your team members, you will receive some strange looks as you begin the process. Team members will wonder if you really mean it. They will suspect this is, at best, a phase that you will get over. At worst, they suspect it is a trick. Stay with it and be genuine. As the leader/manager, it is your assignment to help your team members succeed.

When you ask, “How can I help you succeed?” you are making a promise that you will do your reasonable best to genuinely help.



*Most people read 200 words a minute; this article is 207 words.

About the Author:

Dr. Richard Leslie Parrott is a Professor of Education at Trevecca Nazarene University. He teaches classes at the Masters and Doctoral level in Leadership and Research. At Trevecca he is also the Director of C.L.E.A.R. – The Center of Leadership Effectiveness and Renewal.