Books by Dr. Parrott

True & Best ~ Authentic Living

This book is about embracing your true and best self; who you are today and who you will become.  What do you want to create in your life, with your life, and for your life?  You have one life.  What do you want to create?  As you answer this question, you embark on a journey toward what is true and best in you.

  • You will experience inner strength: confidence, compassion, commitment, and courage.
  • You will experience healthier relationships: empathy, acceptance and transparancy.
  • You will experience quality of character: integrity, optimism, and personal consistency.
  • You will experience fundamental purpose: core beliefs, passion, focus, and authenticity.
  • You will experience mature wisdom: experience, discernment, and the joy of being fully alive.


Better Answers to Tougher Questions

Inside you lies a wealth of untapped wisdom.  Better Answers to Tougher Questions teaches you to harness the power of your life experience and transform it into practical, actionable wisdom.  Relationships will deepen, your understanding of the world around you will improve, your actions will be more focused, and your personal authenticity will increase.

Dr. Richard Parrott will teach you to unlock your inner wisdom and assist others as they search for better answers to tougher questions.  Trust the process – it works!

Who needs Better Answers to Tougher Questions?  Executives, managers, counselors, parents, ministers, teachers, supervisors, husbands, wives, and ANYONE searching for better answers to tougher questions.


ESSENTIALS ~ The Proven Path of Effective Leadership

There is nothing so profoundly linked to your success as your ability to lead others.  Dr. Parrott cuts through the tangled mass of cutting edge leadership reserach, extracts the most meaningful parts, and lays them out for you in actionable and easily implemented steps that will ensure your success.  This masterful guide to effective leadership illustrates the essential skills you need to deal successfully with the realities while avoiding the common pitfalls of getting work done through other people.

The four essentials in this book are:

  • Essential 1:  Take responsibility for your development.
  • Essential 2:  Make and implement decisions.
  • Essential 3:  Identify values that make work meaningful.
  • Essential 4:  Lead true to your best!


Personalities @ Work Master Series

Your personality is working all the time to make you your best.  When you are aware of the way your personality works, you can become a better “you.”  By discovering and respecting how personality works in others, you can improve your relationships at home and at work.

The goal of the program is teambuilding within your staff.  Your team will learn to appreciate their differences as team members and their uniqueness as individuals.  The shared process will enrich the cooperation, understanding and communication of the team and improve the relational and strategic skills needed for team building and team work.  Participants will be better able to read people, listen, and develop healthy relationships.

The Personalities @ Work Master Series is designed for use with your office team or with your family members.  This series is applicable for professional and personal relationships.  Watch your professional and personal interactions blossom and develop into more healthy relationships!